Thursday, March 02, 2006


Kadima Supporter
Secular Sabra - Israel
03/01/2006 13:25

FYI I am not a Leftist . I like most people I know will be voting Kadima because we are sick of the Left and sick of the religious Right both the same. We want change and we want it NOW. We want Law and Order and the Seperation of Religion from State. We want out of Judea and Samaria and an end to the messianic anarchrists of the Hilltops and of the HillTop Youth. If I hate sir it is becuase you taught me to , it was Baruch Goldstien and Yigal Amir and all the others who have followed since that taught us just who you are. We want decency and sanity and an end to the Lawlessness of the settler movement. That is all folks.

To Secular Sabra: A SOLUTION
Uri DeYoung - Democratic Republic of Israel
03/02/2006 13:40

You are sick of the the religious Right? You want Kadima-style "Law and Order" and the Seperation of Religion from State? You want out of Judea and Samaria and an end to the messianic anarchrists of the Hilltops? No problem. Just leave us alone. Let us secede from your insane parody of a state. Don't "give" us anything - no soldiers, no policemen, no education, no courts. Just let us trade quietly with you - including arms and private security services. If we get by, great. If not, you'll have rid yourself of us and our communities.

to Uri DeYoung

Secular Sabra - Israel
03/02/2006 15:03

It's a deal. When do we finalise it ? Seriously, if we left you there alone you would be whinning and crying for us to come back in and save your tachets within two weeks. No way man, you come in behind the walls or go back to America and Russia. That land belongs to the Palestinians, be nice and come without a fight or you will be trounced again.

To Secular Sabra: NO THANKS
Uri DeYoung - Democratic Republic of Israel
03/02/2006 17:35

You seem to forget that a great majority of us have army training, many of us having served in elite units. Furthermore, there are plenty of excellent Jewish security firms (like the one guarding Erez) which would be happy to get contracts to guard blocs of villages. Without your members of Kenesset and your Supreme Court judges with their so-called "laws" tying our hands, we'll be able to deal with security much more effectively than your soldiers do. So, why would we want your "help"? The fact is that people like you can't bear to see others succeed where you've failed (and failed miserably). I suppose it will have to come to blows. Pity.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Ah, it's election season here in the Democratic Republic of Israel.

On Sunday afternoon, a Kassam rocket fired from Gaza fell 50 meters from a school in the area of Mavqi’im south of Ashqelon.

Early Tuesday evening, two Israeli civilians, including a young teenage girl, were wounded in a terror stabbing at the Gush Etsion junction. An off-duty police officer and soldiers shot the terrorist, seriously wounding him.

On Wednesday afternoon, an Israeli was shot and killed in a terrorist attack at a gas station just outside the village of Migdalim, southeast of Shekhem. Then, in a second shooting attack within two hours, an Israeli was seriously wounded in a shooting near Nebe Elias east of Qalqilya in the Shomron.

On Thursday moning, a 30-year-old man was moderately wounded after being stabbed in the neck in the Atarot industrial zone near Jerusalem.

Defense Minister Shaul "Skull-Cracker" Mofaz says the terrorists are attacking Jews "to influence elections." If that's true, I have an idea. Let's secede from the criminals in the Kenesset and turn the defense of Jewish villages over to private companies. We'll "vote" with our pocketbooks when we pay our monthly fees; we'll get better security; and the "Palestianians" won't have to try to murder us in order to "influence elections." As a bonus, we won't have to pay the salaries of violent half-wits like Shaul Mofaz.