Friday, February 03, 2006


News item:

The IDF has announced that it has removed soldiers securing the Jewish village of Yitzhar in Samaria this afternoon. Military sources in Central Command said the decision to pull the soldiers out on today came after "a spate of recent verbal and physical attacks on soldiers guarding the settlement." A soldier was allegedly beaten to the ground and his communication device was taken from him.

Great! Now that the government has given up the pretense of "protecting the settlements," the residents can stop paying taxes and spend the money on a REAL security service -- one that doesn't hide behind cement barriers, afraid to shoot back at the enemy. Rest assured that a private security firm will never try to evict its employers.

-- Uri DeYoung, Democratic Republic of Israel

From Jerusalem Post Talkback:

Re: Democratic Republic of Israel

Sgt. Barney Rosen - USA
02/03/2006 01:09

Democratic Republic of Israel, where have we heard that before? All of the communist dictatorships use that title and how democratic were they. The freaks inhabiting this "Democratic Republic" are lucky they are dealing with Israeli soldiers, this old Viet nam veteran would stomp them at least and depending on what they did would use his weapon.

Whoa, sarge! Put down the weapon for a minute! The "Democratic Republic of Israel" refers to the current state that worships at the armpit of unlimited democracy -- like the commie "workers' committees" which claim the right to do what they want with the property of others. It was my obtuse commentary on the current State of Israel. Sorry. My fault. However, if you'd bothered to read what I'd written, you'd see that I'm no communist.

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